Material application of pvb

PVB material is a transparent, high-strength plastic material, whose full name is polyvinyl alcohol ester butylate. This material has good chemical stability and weather resistance, and can resist the erosion of environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays and high temperatures. PVB material also has good impact resistance and ballistic resistance, so it is widely used in glass products, building materials, aerospace and other fields.
PVB material has the advantages of good strength, weather resistance and impact resistance, so it is widely used in construction, automobiles, aerospace, glassware and other fields. For example, in the construction field, PVB materials are often used as the middle layer of laminated glass to provide additional safety protection for glass products; in the automotive field, PVB materials are used as the middle layer of windshields and car side windows to prevent people in the car from Injured in a car accident.
The preparation method of PVB materials usually uses polymerization reaction. Place polyvinyl alcohol, butyraldehyde, catalyst and other raw materials in the reactor, control the temperature and reaction time to perform polymerization reaction, and obtain PVB material. In addition, PVB materials can also be prepared by physical stripping or chemical stripping. The physical peeling method peels off the PVB film from other materials, and the chemical peeling method separates the PVB material through a chemical reaction.

Post time: Jan-23-2024