PVB laminated glass for automobiles

PVB laminated glass has high strength, toughness, collision resistance, good safety and high transparency. Once broken, the fragments of the inner and outer glass can still bond to the PVB film. PVB film has greater toughness and will arch when it withstands an impact to absorb part of the impact energy. It has a certain buffering effect and its high-speed impact strength is higher than that of tempered glass. On-site investigation records also show that tempered glass has a higher casualty rate than laminated glass, and its fragments have a higher rate of eye injuries. In addition to safety, PVB laminated glass for automobiles also has the characteristics of anti-theft, sound insulation, UV protection, and energy saving.
In view of the above characteristics, PVB laminated glass is widely used in the automotive industry.


Post time: Jan-23-2024