Red R101 / Rose red R108

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Red Pvb

Baizan color pvb film for architectural laminated glass. 
Baizan can provides plenty of color film for customers choose with stable and accurate color.
production volume >12000t per year
Color pvb MOQ>5000 sq.m.
Payment term:TT LC DP
Delivery time :5-15days
After-sale service:We will follow customer’s testing result, and if there is a problem, we will check it out at site.

Raw material inspection
In order to ensure the quality of products, we carry out strict inspection of raw materials, according to China national standards。
Plasticizer testing
1.After each batch arrives, about 500ml sample will be taken out to do the test.
2.Appearance test: colorless and transparent, water sample solution, no impurity
After the sample is evenly mixed, it is loaded into the colorimetric tube, and then 20# and 30# are respectively loaded into the other two colorimetric tubes. Then, it is inserted into the colorimetric tube frame respectively. Take a mirror for color comparison and read the number of the sample closest to the standard chromaticity


4.Ester content
The test method for product fat content was capillary column gas chromatography. After the instrument was adjusted and the baseline stabilized, samples were injected with a microglass injector to measure the peak area of each group, which was calculated according to the formula or chromatographic data processor, and the content value was obtained quantitatively by area normalization method.
5.Acid value
Measure ethanol into a triangle-bottle and add 3-4 drops of phenolphthalein indicator.Titrate with NaOH solution to a light pink color.Weigh 50±0.01g sample in 250ml triangulation flask.Add the ethanol solution and shake well.Titration to pink with NaOH solution is completed and the amount of sodium hydroxide consumed is recorded.
6.Thermal stability
Add sample to the beaker, placed within 180 ℃ + 2 ℃drying oven, constant temperature for 2 hours. Take out and cooled to room temperature, then put it into one colorless colorimetric tube. Put the # 20 and # 30, respectively, into the other two grinding mouth plug colorless colorimetric tube. Insert them in the pipe rack. Use the mirror to compare the color and read the number of the sample closest to the standard chromaticity

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