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Heat proof pvb is a newly developed product of our company. It adopts the international leading Nano Heat proof medium and adds Heat proof function to the explosion-proof and sound insulation functions of the traditional intermediate film. Features: 1. Infrared blocking rate 85%-99%, longer heat proof; 2. 99% ultraviolet blocking rate, sun protection, to avoid aging of interior parts or furniture; 3. 80% visible light transmittance, fully satisfying the light transmission requirements of automobile front and building glass; 4. Safety explosion-proof and anti-penetration; 5. Sound insulation and noise prevention; 6. High cost performance, longer heat insulation,

Moisture resistance test
First, turn on the power of the water boiling box and heat the water to 100℃. Prepare a piece of 300*300mm glass with a thickness of 2mm.Put the glass into the vacuum chamber and keep it for 5 minutes. Take it out and boil it directly in the boiling chamber for 2 hours. Then take it out and observe see that there is no bubble or white and other abnormalities. Cracks are allowed, but there will be no bubbles, discoloration or other defects 15 mm from the edge or 10 mm from the crack.


Radiation resistance test
There are three samples with size of 76mm(W)*150mm(L). After irradiation according to GB/T5137.3-2009, the transmittance of the sample was determined again.


Light transmission and fog test
Prepare two pieces of white glass with thickness of 2mm and size of 5 × 5cm.
Lay the clean glass flat, put the sample on and then put a piece of glass, then cut it down. Pay attention to avoid stretching the film to prevent deformation during cutting, and ensure that the diaphragm margin outside the glass is about 2mm.
Put the glass into a 160±5℃ vacuum chamber for vacuuming, keep it for 15 minutes and then take it out. After cooling, observe it under the projector to see if there are abnormal conditions such as bluing, fogging and whitening.
The above prepared glass is put into the mist meter bracket for measurement, and the obtained data are the light transmittance and fog degree of the sample.


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