PVB film.

PVB film is also called PVB Film, PVB film, PVB film, PVB intermediate film, etc. The English name is: PolyVinyl Butyral Film, and the chemical name is: polyvinyl butyral film. Its essence is a thermoplastic resin film, which is produced from PVB resin and plasticizer. Because it is made of plastic resin, it can be recycled, processed and reused.

PVB film can be widely used in architectural laminated glass, automotive laminated glass, solar photovoltaic glass, bulletproof glass, soundproof glass, etc. It has good safety and prevents the glass from breaking due to external force and causing fragments to splash and hurt people. In addition, it has sound insulation and UV protection, can be made in color or highly transparent, and has optical application value, such as solar photovoltaic applications. PVB film has been used in building curtain wall glass for 70 years. Regulations in the automobile and construction industries require the use of PVB film for safety protection. In recent years, as people’s requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection have increased, the solar photovoltaic market has been changing with each passing day, and the demand for photovoltaic-grade PVB films has become more and more obvious.

Post time: Dec-05-2023