Translucent white M104 / Milky white M102 / Opaque white M101

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Milk White Pvb

Baizan color pvb film for architectural laminated glass.
Baizan can provides plenty of color film for customers choose with stable and accurate color.
production volume >12000t per year
Color pvb MOQ>5000 sq.m.
Payment term:TT LC DP
Delivery time :5-15days
After-sale service:We will follow customer’s testing result, and if there is a problem, we will check it out at site.

Container loading
We usually provide 3 photos of cargo loading to customers.


Empty container picture
First ,before loading ,we take a picture of empty container


Full container picture
Then ,we use forklift to load the container. In order to reduce the transportation cost, we need to arrange the goods in a reasonable way so that the container space can be fully used. The following are the products of various specifications and maximum quantity for 20GP container.
Specification type and Container capacity
thickness(mm) width(mm) length(m/卷) 20’container(㎡)
0.38mm 600mm~3300mm 400m 23400㎡
0.45mm 600mm~3300mm 300m 19700㎡
0.76mm 600mm~3300mm 200m 12700 ㎡
1.14mm 600mm~3300mm 150m 7800㎡
1.52mm 600mm~3300mm 100m 5850㎡


Container door picture
Finally , we offer the container door picture, it contains various information such as container number etc.

The mode of transportation
There are usually three modes of transportation for you to choose
1.Ocean transportation
Most customers mainly choose sea transportation. Sea transportation has the advantages of large quantity and low cost.
Depending on the distance to the customer, the shipping time is from 1 week to 2 months
2. railway transportaion
To neighboring countries, we can use railway transportaion

2.air transport
Compared with sea transport and railway transport, it has the advantages of high speed, and not subject to the restrictions of ground conditions. If the customer has an urgent order, we can choose air transport .

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