Clear pvb

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Clear pvb film for building glass

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Clear Pvb

Baizan clear pvb film for architecture glass
thickness(mm) width(mm) length(m/volume) 20’container(㎡)
0.38mm 600mm~3300mm 400m 23400㎡
0.45mm 600mm~3300mm 300m 19700㎡
0.76mm 600mm~3300mm 200m 12700 ㎡
1.14mm 600mm~3300mm 150m 7800㎡
1.52mm 600mm~3300mm 100m 5850㎡

Productivity>12000t per year
Payment term:TT LC DP
After-sale service:We will follow customer’s testing result, and if there is a problem, we will check it out at site.

Technical parameters

1. Appearance requirements


1.1 Appearance

Achromatic or slightly yellow lucid film,with velvet surface that has no scar or crease

1.2 Dotted waste sundries and air bubbles  

Mark them,and add 1m each place


Not exceeding 8 places per roll


Not exceeding 5 places per rol

3. Thickness(mm)



4. Density(g/cm³)


5. Tensile Strength(MPa)


6. Elongation at peak(%)


7. Uniformity

The transverse thickness deviation within distance of 25mm ~ E does not exceed 15μm.         The transverse thickness deviation within distance of 50mm ~ E does not exceed 20μm             

8. Moisture(%)


9. Haze(%)


10. Light transmittance(%)


11. Shrinking Rate(60℃/15min)(%)


The PVB Interlayer withstands penetration from impact, even if the glass cracks, it will only have web-shaped similar fine cracks. And splinters will adhere to the interlayer film without shattering and hurt people.


Type 79 submachine gun, Steel core, 10-meters shot

Burglary Proof
The laminated glass with Baizan PVB interlayer film is so tough that even the laminated glass was cracked by heavy tools, the glass will be strongly adhere to the PVB film without scattering. It will stop the steal activities.


Ultraviolet Resistance
Baizan PVB interlayer film can help to reduce over 99% ultraviolet light thereby it effectively protects the furniture and house from ultraviolet. Human is also well protected from ultraviolet.


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