Light blue B113 / Opaque light blue B102 / Ford blue B118 / Ocean blue B105

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Baizan color pvb film for architecture glass

Productivity>12000t per year
Color pvb MOQ>5000 sq.m.
Payment term:TT LC DP
After-sale service:We will follow customer’s testing result, and if there is a problem, we will check it out at site.
Glass Cutting Glass Cleaning and PVB Film Cutting
● Properly cut the glass at precise size
● Check glass surface and remove grease and dusts, clean the glass by tap water.
● Rinse the glass by demineralized water/Softened water. Water quality<30μS, water hardness<10 PPM, temperature is 40~60℃.
● Air dry the glass and keep it away from pollution.
● PVB film should be cut at size of bigger than 2~5mm extra than glass size.

Lamination room --- The temperature in lamination room should be 20~25℃,the humidity should be 23%±2%,dusts proof, keep the machinery tidy, workers should keep the tidy uniform, hat and grove to prevent PVB film from dusts, contaminates and hair.

Lamination conditions:
a)The glass surface temperature---20~30℃, the upmost should not over 40℃.
b)The PVB film temperature---20~25℃.
c)Check again the PVB film and glass is tidy and the glass size properly match the PVB film size.

Pre-Pressure Exhaustion
Cold vacuum and hot vacuum
a)Cold vacuum --- Compression vacuum degree should be at 580~680mmHg, temperature at 20~25℃, pressure at -0.095~-0.1MPa. It takes around 20 minutes in Continuously Cool Pumping, while 30 minutes in Un-continuously Cool Pumping.
b)hot vacuum --- The glass surface temperature should be at 100~120℃, it takes 30~45 minutes, pressure should be at -0.095~-0.1MPa. The glass can be taken out when the temperature decreases to 60~80℃.

Rolling Exhaust:
a)First thermostat —→ The heated Laminated Glass surface temperature is 30~40℃ —→ First roller, pressure is 5~8Mpa, the roller distance should be 1-2mm less than Laminated glass thickness —→ Second thermostat —→ the laminated glass surface temperature is 65~80℃, the pressure is 5~8Mpa, the roller distance is 2-3mm less than laminated glass thickness.
b)Keep the thermostat temperature by continuous work.

High Pressure Formation
The temperature and pressure rising is at low speed during whole procedure. The procedure below for reference:

Raise temperature and pressure—→Temperature rise to 60℃, Pressure to 0.4MPa—→Pressure to 0.8MPa,temperature to 90℃—→Pressure to 1.0MPa,, Temperature to 135-140℃—→Rise the temperature to 1.05~1.28MPa—→Keep the temperature 30~60 minutes(depend on the glass thickness and quantity)—→Keep the pressure, freely decreasing the temperature to 90℃—→Temperature decrease to 45~55℃, release the air

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